Whether for corporate or editorial use, ensuring our subjects are relaxed within their environment is paramount. Encouraging people to push their own personality envelope can produce images that show them in a whole new light!

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Creative interpretation of tech and lab environments including clean rooms and nuclear facilities. Capabilities also include computer generated abstracts suited for Hi-Tech graphic applications.

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From computer components to industrial plants and military bases, we focus on conveying a sense of scale and balance between man and industry.

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Light and form are the perfect union of nature and man - in the form of man-made structures. We strive to produce images where natural light enhances the architectural environment. We offer both digital and aerial capabilities.

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As the field of medicine continues to evolve, we aim to capture the human element in balance with modern technology.

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Using several software programs, we offer creative interpretations of concrete and abstract concepts. "Photilation" - a term we coined - describes the blending of photographic and illustrative techniques used to create one-of-a-kind images.

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Our stock photo collection houses a wide range of subjects with an emphasis on imagery from Columbus, Ohio. The collection also contains travel images and computer generated images, which have a variety of applications.

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